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Timber preservation

Damp conditions in the home can lead to problems with rot. If you have spotted the warning signs of this serious issue, you should act fast to resolve it by calling us today. We will remove all affected timber, carry out any structural repairs necessary and halt the progress of the rot in your home.

We offer complete timber preservation services to ensure your home is free from woodworm, dry rot and wet rot.

We carry out remedial works following leaks from burst pipes or flooding by contaminated groundwater and the eradication of the associated salt deposits.

What is wet rot and dry rot

Wet rot
Wet rot is the term for a variety of fungi that result in the decay of any timber it comes into contact with. It occurs wherever moisture levels are high – this could be due to dampness, a leak or a burst pipe for instance. Wet rot cannot spread through masonry and will cease once the moisture has been removed. It can, however, seriously weaken the affected timber.

Dry rot
Dry rot requires less moisture than wet rot in order to grow. Unfortunately, it spreads voraciously and can remain hidden for long periods before it is discovered, resulting in considerable damage to the home.

The good news is that both problems can be treated! Just call Romana and we’ll carry out a preliminary survey of your home to determine the best action to take.

What is woodworm

Woodworm is the term for the larvae of a variety of wood-boring beetles, which feed on timber in the home, weakening and eventually damaging it beyond repair.

Woodworm occurs in damp conditions and can be detected by a series of small holes in the wood, often surrounded by a fine dust known as bore dust.

We can treat any affected timber in your home, although in the case of a serious infestation, some areas may need to be removed and replaced to ensure structural stability.

Get in touch with Romana Ltd if you think you have a problem with woodworm in your property.

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    I can't recommend this firm enough. They are extremely competitive and their professionalism is second to none which was the reason they were recommended to us. To add, our particular project was time sensitive and had it not been for Romana Ltd's service to us we would have incurred costs from other associated trades.

    Rob Kay

    Romana provide an outstanding service: quick to respond to an initial query, quick to attend and view/asses the work, very prompt, detailed & accurate quote provided, they don’t quote for work you don’t need, unlike other builders that would be happy to rip you off, competitive pricing, honest & reliable & friendly staff. I can’t rate them highly enough. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with. You can’t overestimate that enough in this day and age.

    Suzie Pamela

    Paul from Romana visited my parent's property to inspect for possible rising damp, as they had damp floorboards in their kitchen. He ascertained quickly that this did not appear to be the case, and gave comprehensive advice on what steps we should take to resolve the issue. A really pleasant and helpful person, and highly recommended.

    Simon Willis

    Great reliable company with really friendly staff. We had the ground floor of our house completely damp proofed and re-plastered and the work was carried out to a high standard. Would definitely recommend.

    Amanda Sutton

    Romana Ltd attended our property this week to repair a damp wall and install proper drainage outside our property. The end result is amazing and I'm so pleased with the work that has been carried out and to a high standard. The workmen were lovely too. Highly recommend.

    Maria West